Hollandia Soccer Club

Hollandia Technical Program Overview

Hollandia provides a place for every level of play with appropriate training, designed to meet the players’ individual needs so that players are never under-challenged or overwhelmed. Our technical committee is entrusted with the very important job of placing children in programs where they will flourish. Our training ranges from basic to advanced, and our qualified coaches make it unnecessary for any Hollandia player to have to seek additional training outside of the club. Hollandia Training and Development Programs are aligned with Canada Soccer Club Licensing guidelines.
Playing with Hollandia in SYSI leagues offers regular structured competition and local rivalries that make the game interesting and exciting for both players and parents.
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Who will be providing instruction?

Under the guidance of our Percy Hoff (Director of Coach & Player Development) and Austin Boryski (Club Head Coach), Hollandia has invested heavily in coach education, recruitment, and retention. Hollandia’s President, Bart Voswinkel, believes that quality coaching is key to Hollandia’s goal of maintain its status as a leader of soccer in Saskatchewan.

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